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Inter-religious leadership must be thoughtfully cultivated, fostered, and supported. Support CIRCLE in educating and preparing a new generation of inter-religious leaders.

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The mission of the Center for Inter-Religious and Communal Leadership Education (CIRCLE) is to help prepare religious and ethical leaders for service in a religiously diverse society through the cultivation of authentic relationships across lines of difference. Founded in 2008 with a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, CIRCLE is a joint initiative of Andover Newton Theological School (ANTS) and Hebrew College (HC).  

CIRCLE-run platforms engage hundreds of seminary and graduate students, academics, and communal leaders locally and nationally through our in-person and online initiatives, including courses, peer study groups, publications, and special events. It is our conviction that through study, dialogue, research, and joint action, we can establish relationships of care, mutual respect, and civic collaboration to transform the world.

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  • Monumental Attachments

    Throughout my childhood, my sense of the Confederacy and the South was shaped in fragmented ways by two legendary generals, Lee and Bragg. They remain strangely present with me today as I continue to sort out the meaning of the place I live in. Though back then I lived just a hair south of the […]

  • Shifting Roles in Different Communities

    I run in several belief-related communities. Most of my mom’s family is Jewish. Most of my dad’s family is Catholic. Both of my stepfamilies include members of several Protestant groups including Evangelical and Mormon. And there is a spattering of “nones” on all the various family trees. But the two belief-related communities I spend the […]

  • “When You Stand Praying … Forgive”

    This summer, my wife and I taught a Sunday school series on the Jewishness of Jesus. It was not the first time we taught this topic. This delightfully progressive and thoughtful group was quick to acknowledge his Jewish heritage. However, they had never been exposed to our brand of teaching. We only had forty minutes […]

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